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Young chemist is one of the leaders in the manufacturing and production of the natural essential oils and raw ingredients. It has been in the existence since 2020 and has been making its mark in the industry. What separates us from other oil manufacturing companies is the care and accuracy with which oils are composed.

We manufacture a range of products from essential oils to carrier oils, natural butters to natural clays and herbal powders to floral waters. All the products are completely natural and contains no chemicals agents in them. This gives our products a long shelf life and a pure composition.

The young Chemist work force is powered by diligence and sheer compassion. All the stages of our production is closely supervised by experts to ensure an adulteration free production of essential oils, soap making ingredients and other products. With a strong commitment to purity ,only the highest quality ingredients go into our products. That means no drying sulfates, harsh parabens or harmful fragrances.

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