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  • Senna is a flowering plant, that bears yellow, white, and pink flowers and it belongs to the legume. It can be found in various parts of North Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. Senna is considered a powerful laxative.


How Senna leaves are known in your area?


  • In English, it is known as Indian Senna, Alexandrian Senna, Senna Alexandria, in Hindi Senai, in Kannada Nelavarike, in Tamil Nilavirai, in Telugu Nelatagedu, In Malayalam Nilavilakku.
  • You can also add other ingredients like citrus juice, e herbal teas, spices, etc. After mixing it well apply it to your hair. Boil water in a small pot. Add Senna leaves, cover the pot. Strain the mixture into a teacup or a larger pitcher if you’re making a bigger batch. Mix honey or sugar if desired and enjoy.

  • Senna plant can help in treating skin ailments due to its anti-bacterial properties. For the treatment of skin infections like acne and inflammatory conditions like eczema use, the paste made from Senna leaves is effective. Senna leaves can fight microorganisms that cause acne. Senna leaves can be applied to get smooth, shiny, and strong hair. It beautifies your hair and improves scalp condition and treats dandruff. It also treats skin conditions.
  • It is best to consult a qualified healthcare provider before adding Senna into your diet, as it should only be consumed for a purpose. Not recommended in patients experiencing a sudden change in bowel movements lasting more than 2 weeks, stomach pain, or nausea or vomiting.

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