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  • Red onion powder is the hundred percent dehydrated ground red onions. It is sun dried product which is fully natural and easy to use. It adds flavor and taste to any dish.  It tastes sweet and had a stronger texture. It is great in spice blend. It is enriched with the benefits of vitamin B and C, it has antioxidants and iron potassium calcium like minerals.  It also helps in the curing heart problems, high blood pressure and headache.


How is this drug known in your region?


  • It is known as sukha pyaj in Hindi and botanical name of the red onion powder is Allium cepa. In Telugu, it is known as Niruli. In Tamil speaking States, it is called as Errulli. In Kannada, It is known as praan. In Gujarati speaking States, it is known as kaando.
  • To see noticeable effects, enjoy a glass of lukewarm water mixed with onion powder.
  • Adding some spoon of red onion powder in any dish will work as same.
  • Mixing red onion powder with any hair oil and by double boiling method warming it a bit and massaging it on the hair helps in blood circulation.
  • Onion’s bioactive constituents play an important role in preventing hair loss. 
  • Onion’s antimicrobial properties also help to avoid dandruff and scalp diseases, as well as strengthening the hair from inside.
  • The key bioactive components' greatness .It is commonly used for a variety of purposes,
  • It aids in the development of creatine tissues in the scalp, improves blood circulation in the hair cells, and promotes the development of new hair. 
  • including enhancing cholesterol levels, assisting metabolism, facilitating losing weight,   prevent disease, and reducing hair loss. 
  • Do not use it directly to your skin or eat   it directly. It may cause problems like skin irritation.
  • Place it far away from children.

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