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  • Multani mitti is also called fuller earth, and has been used to remove skin issues and achieve radiant, blemish-free skin for generations in India. It is one of those age-old tips that has been passed generation by generation. Multani mitti is an agent to clean, exfoliate and nourish your skin. One of the best things about the ingredient is that you can use it with other ingredients to suit your skin type and attain desirable results.
  • For dark circles, take a half potato and grate it. Mix it with lemon juice, one teaspoon of fresh cream, and Multani mitti. You can use this paste on your eyes and leave for 20 minutes. Wash it off and see the difference in your dark circles.
  • For oily skin, mix equal quantities of orange peel powder and Multani mitti, mix them with the rose water, apply it on your face, let it dry, and wash off. Use this face pack twice a month will help keep excess oil off your face and acne/pimple breakouts in control.
  • Multani Mitti fights acne and pimples. It removes excess sebum and oil. It deeply cleanses the skin removing dirt, sweat, and impurities. It smoothes skin tone and brightens the complexion. It treats tanning and pigmentation. It works effectively in treating sunburn, skin rashes, and infections. It facilitates good blood circulation, leading to radiant, glowing skin. It fights and helps to keep away blackheads, blemishes, freckles, pimple/acne spots.
  • It is for topical applications only.

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