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  • Mulethi is a small plant up to 6 feets of height. It is found in the areas of Iran, Afghanistan, and Asia Minor, middle Asia, Russia, Europe and China. In India it is found in the areas of Jammu and Kashmir, dehradun and Delhi.


How is Mulethi known in your region?


  • In Hindi it is known as Mulethi. In the Bengali speaking states it is known as yashtimadhu. In the Gujarati speaking states it is known as Jethimadh. In the Telugu speaking States Mulethi is known as yashtimadhukam.
  • This is a medicine, and needs to be used with the proper prescription suggesting the doses for the drug.
  • It enhances the complexion of the skin and adds up to the soft texture of the skin. It prevents itching and several other skin related disorders. Additionally, it adds up to the strength of the body and is very impactful for eyesight.
  • One should use oils with the medicinal impact of Mulethi and apply them over the skin surface to prevent skin discoloration and other disorders. It can also be applied on the face to give a pleasant and soothing complexion to the skin.

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