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  • Moroccan Rhassoul clay is a variety of clay that some people use as a cosmetic product for their skin and hair. It is brown clay found in the mountains of Morocco.
  • Rhassoul clay hasn’t been extensively researched for its benefits for skin and hair. However, it has been used by various cultures for over a thousand years as a cosmetic element.
  • Rhassoul clay needs about 2 tbsp. of warm water for every 1 tbsp. of clay powder; 4 to 5 tbsp. of clay is usually enough for 1 hair mask.
  • Stir warm water with the clay powder thoroughly, using a wooden spoon. You have to divide your dry hair into sections as if you were going to blow-dry or heat-style it. Then, apply the mask with your fingers starting at the roots of your hairs and working back to the tips of your hair. Let the mask soak for 20 to 40 minutes. When you’re ready to rinse off the mask, you can hop into the shower to keep the layers from getting into your eyes or on your clothes. Wash it thoroughly with lukewarm water. You need to use shampoo or conditioner after you wash the mask off, but you can.
  • Moroccan Rhassoul clay is rich in magnesium and potassium.  Many skin care specialists believe that magnesium can be absorbed through your skin barrier to fight acne, cleanse impurities, and improve skin elasticity.
  • Rhassoul clay contains silica, a component of sand. The natural silica present in it can work as an exfoliant, and also gives your hair a glossy shine.
  • It is for topical applications only.

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