Glacial Marine Green Clay


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  • The Glacial Marine clay is enriched by the flow of the sea and sand together. Glacial Marine Clay has numerous properties that make the clay stand out.
  • There will be a slight sensation. If you experience an allergy, discontinue its use. When it starts to stiffen but is not quite dry. It's time to wash it off.
  • First, clean the skin with warm water to open the pores. You can use a scrub to exfoliate the skin. For example, if you suffer from acne on your back or shoulders, it can be used there.
  • Wash off using a face cloth, soaking it in cool, clean water. At last, tone the skin by washing your face. You can repeat this once a week but no more than twice a week.
  • It is rich in minerals clay has been maturing off the west coast of Canada for thousands of years. And formed by the movement of glaciers, it contains more than 60 minerals unique to this part of the world.
  • While the skin is positively charged, and particles in the clay are negatively charged. When you apply it to the skin, the negative ions attract impurities in the skin. Wash your face. You remove the impurities with the clay to ensure deep cleaning.
  • it is for topical applications only.

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