French Green Clay


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  • The clay is mined from normally occurring deposits, is then sun-dried and crushed down to its best form. It has been used for centuries in cosmetic and medicinal remedies.
  • French Green Clay is generally found in the Montmorillonites district of France. It is formulated from iron oxides and kelp seaweed with other decomposed plant matter and contributes to its green color.
  • This Green Clay benefits your skin and improves your complexion. Blend equal portions of French Green Clay, water, and a few drops of Tea Tree essential oil to help reduce any skin inflammation.
  • Make a paste and apply it on the face, and avoid the eye area. Leave it on for 8-12 minutes, make sure the mask does not dry completely. Rinse with warm water to remove and dry your skin. Lastly, apply moisturizer or serum.
  • It exfoliates the dry skin layer and increases blood circulation, leaving your skin looking.
  • French Green Clay is filled with magnesium, calcium, potassium, silicon, etc. It removes the negatively charged toxins and poisons from the skin, washing away impurities and leaving your skin clear, smooth, and hydrated. Green clay is more absorbent than Kaolin Clay, making it a better and safer choice for all skin types.
  • It is for topical applications only.

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