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  • History of carnauba wax Carnauba Wax is a 100% natural vegetable wax obtained from the leaves of the Brazilian 'tree of life', and consists mostly of esters, free long chain fatty alcohols, and free fatty acids & resins.
  • Commonly used in many cosmetic formulations, particularly stick formulations, Carnauba Wax can impart surface gloss, hardness and consistency.
  • Due to its hardness and its high melting point, carnauba wax is mainly used in cosmetic stick formulations. However, it can also be used in sun care, make up, mascara and other decorative cosmetic applications. Because of its high melting point, it can improve the temperature stability of formulations.
  • Also, it provides hardness and surface gloss to products and improves mould release. It is often used in combination with other waxes to improve the viscosity and the plasticity and increase the melting point of the final product.

Note: Suitable for use as a wood polish, however this Carnauba Wax comes in brittle flake form. Additional ingredients, such as Beeswax and/or Carrier oils, are needed to create a liquid or paste wax to use as a polish.

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