Anantmool/Sarsaparilla Red


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  • Anantmool is a synonym for the herbal drug Saariva. It is a climber with the length of 5 to 15 feets. Leaves of this drug resemble like that of pomegranate. The roots of anantmool smell like camphor.


How is anantmool known in your region?


  • In the Hindi and Bengali speaking States anantmool is known as kapoori. In Marathi and Gujarati, it is called as upalsari. In Kannada speaking States, anantmool is known as soggade.
  • Anantmool is used as one of the finest blood purifier. Additionally, it has the potential to treat skin disorders like leprosy. It can treat edema and it is also known for the results in the areas of reproductive fertility.
  • Young chemist anantmool roots when crushed and converted in the form of a paste, it is known to treat burns and edema. For blood disorders, syphilis, rheumatoid arthritis and gout, extract of anantmool is collected and is used in the form of syrup.
  • One should not use anantmool in the form of decoction "kadha".

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