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  • It is a tree with an average height of 25 to 30 feets and its stem and branches seems to be covered with Thorns all over its surface. From the utilization perspective, we use the leaves and the bark of the tree. Basically it is collected from the areas of the region of Ganga River, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Bengal. It is best used to cure skin disorders of multiple abnormalities.


How Agnimantha is known in your area?


  • If you are from a Hindi speaking state, you can know it as Arni or Agathu. For the people belonging to Bengal, it is known as Gani bhaari. In Gujarati, it is known as Arni. In Malayalam, it is called as Taakli. For the Telugu speaking States, Agnimantha is known as Nelichetta.
  • At the time of inflammation or pain, boiling its leaves and using them at the region of pain gives instant relief.  Using the paste of the Young chemist roots of Agnimantha are specifically used for skin purposes and helps you maintain a perfect health with glowing complexion.
  • It is very good for health and heart. It purifies blood and acts as an energizer for heart. It can cure multiple skin disorders like Utricaria and enhances the complexion of skin.
  • This is a medicine, and needs to be used with the proper prescription suggesting the doses for the drug.

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